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1/4 scale J-3 Cub

1/4 scale J-3 Cub
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Product Description


1/4-Scale J-3 Cub ARF

Key Features

  • Full-bodied, posable pilot figure
  • Scale dash including Cub in tachometer
  • Scale Cub wheels and functioning landing gear
  • Operating door panels and removable interior seating for easy access to the plane's interior
  • Collapsible wing struts connected to wing and fuselage with an intelligent pin and cotter key system
  • Tubular construction for top outline more true-to-Cub scale lines
  • Scale fin to fuselage fillet
  • Covered in genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote®




Wingspan: 106 in (269 cm)
Overall Length: 68 in (172.7 cm)
Wing Area: 1630 sq in (150.2 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 14.5–16.5 lb (6.6–7.5 kg)
Engine Size: 1.00–1.60 2-stroke; 1.20–1.80 4-stroke; 20–26cc gas
Motor Size: E-flite Power 110 Brushless Outrunner
Radio: 4 to 6 channels
Servos: 6 JR Hi-Torque (JRPS821) digital servos
Trim Scheme Colors: Cub Yellow (HANU884) & Black (HANU874)
CG (center of gravity): 4 ¾ to 5 inches from the leading edge of the wing at fuselage
Wing Loading: 21.73 oz/sq ft
Prop Size: 15x8–16x6 for gas; 14x6–16x4 for 2-stroke; 16x6–18x6 for 4-stroke; 19x8E for electric
Spinner Size: 8mm x 1.25
Recommended Battery: 4S 4000 - 5000mAh Li-Po, 2 required for electric conversion
Aileron: 5/8 in—up; 1/2 in—down
Elevator: 7/8 in—up/down
Rudder: 1 ½ in—left/right
Scale: 25%

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Hangar 9
planetype Big Scale
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