Soldering Flux +/- 50ml

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Soldering Flux +/- 50ml

  • Halide-free, no-clean flux
  • Based on alcohol
  • It shows very good activation characteristics on the wetting surfaces and leads to very good solder wetting.
  • Excellent spreading properties on all common solder surfaces.
  • As far as possible, this flux prevents through its special formulation the corresponding development mechanism or an affinity at the interfaces, respectively.
  •  The malfunction risk potential of the surface mounted assembly by moving blobs is extremly minimised. Cost intensive reworks are reduced.
  • ISO-Flux® "ELR 3420" is highly temperature stable and therefore very suitable for the lead-free soldering technology


  • Solid content: 3,5 %
  • Acid value: 24
  • Density (20° C): 0,813 g/cm³
  • Flash point: <12° C
  • Halide content: halide-free
  • Colour: amber-coloured
  • Thinner: VF-1


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Manufacturer Titanium
Article reference AEROBSBF
Tool Type Soldering Tools & accessories