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Amigo IV ARF

Amigo IV ARF
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Graupner ref 9546, Amigo ARF kit
  • Almost ready to fly model (ARTF)
  • Wing and tail panels in ribbed design, full-balsa rudder
  • Fuselage in conventional wood design
  • Wings can be separated in the middle
  • Tail panel can be removed


  • Short building time
  • Very good flight performance and characteristics
  • Good thermic sensitivity
  • 2-color, white/red foil already applied
  • Cockpit as deep-drawn part


RC functions :

Speed controller (if equipped with motor pylon)


Specifications : 

Tailplane section: Clark y
Wing area : 62,47 dm²
All-up weight, approx.: 1100 g
Total surface area, approx. : 69,97 dm²
Tailplane area : 7,5 dm²
Wing section : NACA 4409
Overall length, approx.: 1115 mm
Wingspan approx.: 2000 mm

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Additional Information

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