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AXI 5330/F3A V2



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New version 2 of the AXi 5330/F3A brushless motor from the Model Motors AXI "Gold Line" series. Version 2 motors offer up to 2% more power and 20% less heat than their predecessors and continue Model Motors long running tradition of producing some of the best brushless motors available.

The 5330/F3A has been tuned specifically for precision F3A models and offers the maximum power on 10s setups with 20"x13" propellers on models up to 5.5kg (194oz). This special F3A wind (Actually it's a /20!) is also suitable for radio controlled powered gliders up to 15kg (529oz) and slow-flying or vintage models up to 8kg (282oz).

Front and reverse mounting options are supported and two 12mm prop adaptors are included with the motor so you can mount to your model as required.

Also see the AXi 5325/24 v2 which is a slightly lighter and shorter motor designed for F3A models up to 5kg in weight (Slightly less power than this 5330).

This motor is actually designated as the 5330/20, which is also available with integrated Jeti Duplex telemetry sensors for RPM and temperature. See the listing for the AXi 5330/20 3D Extreme + Telemetry.

Technical Details for AXi 5330/F3A v2

No. of cells (LiPo) 10
RPM/V 235 Kv
Max. Efficiency 91%
No load current 1.8A
Maximum Load 72.0A
Internal Resistance 0.045Ω
Diameter 63.00mm (2.48")
Length 65.00mm (2.56")
Shaft Diameter 8.00mm (0.31")
Max. Efficiency Current 23-57A (>85%)
Glow Equivalent 23-26ccm/1.3-1.55 -2stroke 1.4 -4stroke 35-45ccm/2.1-2.7 gasoline
Weight 672.0g (23.7oz.)


Recommended brushless power setups for AXi 5330/F3A v2. 
Need help finding a brushless motor setup? Try our motor calculator tool.

ModelModel WeightCellsMax. CurrentJeti ESCPropeller 
Trainer 8000g (282.2oz) 10s 75.0A/30s Jeti Spin Pro 99 Opto 20" x 10"  
F3A 5500g (194.0oz) 10s 75.0A/30s Jeti Spin Pro 99 Opto 20" x 13"  
3D 4800g (169.3oz) 10s 75.0A/30s Jeti Spin Pro 99 Opto 22" x 8"  
Sailplane 15000g (529.1oz) 10s 75.0A/30s Jeti Spin Pro 99 Opto 20" x 13"  

Do not exceed the recommended propeller sizes.

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