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Baron 1m56 ARF YELLOW

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By the end of the Sixties, Christian Chauzit, who was the Chief editor of "Model Magazine", created in a few evenings a trainer with only rudder and elevator for one of his friends, without imagining the success that this model will have. The plane, named "Baron", is published as blueprint, and then, became a kit of "Briot" company, with the name "Baron 1914". A "Cup" named "Coupe des Baron" is created, the Baron are built per hundreds, and it becomes one of the most famous trainers in France. Other manufacturers will produce it : Svenson (Viconte 1915), PB Modelisme (Baron Rouge) and still now, Baron Modèle (Baron 1914)… It will be declined in 1/2A, as a plan in Modèle Magazine (By J-F and J-P Berthier), then as kits from various manufacturers. The Baron will have some “cousins”, like the Ferber with low wings, or Duke with parasol wing.

More than forty years later, the Baron remains one of the most known model in France ! Many modellers built it at the original size, also with sizes sometimes larger, sometimes smaller… Sometime with ailerons, floats, skis... All fly wonderfully and the "Coupe des Baron" is still a success !

But up to now, the Baron had never been proposed as a ARF kit ! Its so particular structure is radically different from the traditional trainers kits, and more difficult to built. Topmodel raised the challenge and, with the agreement of Christian Chauzit, can offer an ARF Baron ! We wanted it very close to the original Baron, even if the kind of building and the 21th century flying usages led us to make some adaptations. The multispar wing was preserved, but it is equipped with ailerons, because today, most of the trainers are fitted with ailerons. The dihedral was slightly decreased, but we kept enough so that the look is not affected, and that it is always possible to fly the Baron with the rudder only. The fuselage is make with a true "treillis", a kind of structure which is extremely rare on ARF models. And of course, we designed the kit so that you can choose gas power or electric power ! 

Baron key features

  • Look and flying style of the genuine Baron are preserved.
  • The Baron is covered with transparent Oracover on open built-up structure, so you can look inside.
  • Flying is easy, the Baron is a trainer !
  • Very large wheels make take off and landing easy on grass field.
  • And of course… the model is delivered fully assembled and covered, you just have to make final assembly, install the radio system and the motor.
  • The Baron can fly slowly, like early airplanes, but is also capable of basic aerobatics.

 Additional informations:

  • You can choose to fly with glow engine or with electric power.
  • If you choose electric power, the 3S 4000 mAh Lipo battery pack gives a flight time of 15 minutes.
  • The original Baron airfoil and the light wing loading make landing at low speed easy.

 Content of the set

Quick-Build kit - Building time 10 to 15 hours

  • Fuselage all ply and balsa open structure built-up, covered with Oracover®. Hatch to access tank/battery pack completed.
  • Fiberglass engine cowl, painted.
  • Steel wire main landing gear ready
  • Wings and empennages all ply and balsa open structure built-up, covered with Oracover®. Fiberglass rod wing joiner.
  • Hardware: GP and EP motor mount, tank, pilot bust, machine gun, dummy engine, cabane mast, flying brace, antique wheels, control horns, metal clevises, CA hinges, hook and loop strips, screws, etc.
  • Stickers sheet
  • Step by step illustrated construction manual in french/english

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