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Bellanca XXL kit

Bellanca XXL kit


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Product Description


By it's size, the Bellanca "XXL" is suitable optimally as towplane.
Any sailplane up to the weight limit aren't a problem for these big -- model.
By the size it is very good-natured, but also there are pilots who fly Torque rolls with it.
The arobatic flying characteristics are only limited by the knowledge of the pilot.


technical data :



scale: 1:2,95
span: 338 cm / 133,07  inches
span stab: 110 cm/ 43,31  inches
height: 74 cm/ 29,13  inches
length: 242 cm/ 95,28 inches
weight: from 16 kg
recommended Motor: 100 - 120 ccm
Size cowl Bellanca XXL
wide: 300 mm
length: 265 mm
height: 290 mm



suitable motors
DA 100 B2/DA 150 B2
King 140 B2
ZDZ 120/160 B2
3W 120/150 B2
 recommended Servos
2 x aileron Jumbo with approx. 12-18 kg
2 x elevator 8,5 kg
1 x rudder 8,5 kg


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand EMHW
planetype Big Scale
spanwidth 2000
deliverytime Demand