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Blazing Star stand-off set, Extra Long



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Blazing Star Standard Extra Long Standoff Set

Blazing Star Standard Extra Long Standoffs are the same diameter as our standard set with added length. They are intended for our new 74" Slick 580 when using the Xpwr 30cc motor as well as previous 3DHS 74" AND 75" planes that use the Xpwr 30 or Motrolfly 4330. They provide a minimum standoff length of 73.84 mm (2.90") and a maximum length of 94.87 mm (3.73"). Please note: the holes in the radial mount for the Xpwr 30cc will need to be enlarged to 5mm.

The Blazing Star Standoff Sets are designed specifically to work with our Xpwr Giant Scale motor line. They provide a simple and secure way to mount the 35cc-60cc Xpwr motors to a variety of airframes. They may also be used to mount gas engines when the Blazing Star mounts are not long enough for a particular application..

Key Features

Rugged 7075 T6 alloy material.
Adjustable design to accommodate a wide range of mounting scenarios.
Large rear washer to effectively distribute load.
All bolts required for mounting are included (5mm socket head cap bolts).
Attractive anodized red finish with Blazing Star and X logos.
Standard set adjustable in length from 45mm-66mm (1.77"-2.59")(45mm Base, 10mm, 5mm, 2 x 3mm Spacers)
Select STANDARD for Xpwr 30-40cc applications*
XX-LARGE for Xpwr 60cc applications
* Note: the 3DHS 79" Slick requires the XXL Standoff with the Xpwr 40cc motor
Acutal Size: 73,84mm - 94,87mm

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