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BO 209 Monsun, 2200mm ARF kit

BO 209 Monsun, 2200mm ARF kit


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ref 9355,  WP BO 209 MONSUN
Description :
The Monsun is a replica of a two-seater sports aircraft. The docile flight characteristics of the original have been transferred 1:1 to the model. The large landing flaps facilitate landings at very low speed without putting the aircraft into a critical flight status. When installing the aero-tow coupling included in the package, the MONSUN can be used to tow glider models with a wingspan of about 4.5 meters. The steerable bow landing gear gives the model good manoeuvrability for taxi and takeoff. LEDs are installed on the wingtips, making it easier to recognise the flight position of the model.
Almost Ready to Fly (ARTF) model'
Conventional wood construction
Aileron, rudder, and elevators with locking design
Fuselage, wings, and tailplane pre-covered with foil
Rudder control via cable pulls
Control of ailreons, landing flaps, and elevators via servo install just in front of the control surfaces
Spinner, pilot figure, seat back, landing gear, wheels, and small parts included
Accessories for rudder linkages and aero-tow coupling
RC functions :
Landing flaps
Bow landing gear
Engine throttle
Aero-tow coupling
Specification :
Wing area : 62 dm²
All-up weight, approx.: 7700 g
Total surface area, approx. : 74 dm²
Tailplane area : 12 dm²
Wing section : NACA 2412 
Overall length, approx.: 1660 mm
Wingspan approx.: 2200 mm

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Additional Information

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