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Central Box 200 with Magnetic Switch

DUPLEX 2.4EX Central Box 200


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 Centralbox 200

The CentralBox 200 is a combination of a heavy-duty battery switch without
Voltage reduction, 15 programmable servo sockets (secured for short cutt) and 2
Telemetry connections dar. Up to 2 receivers or RSAT2 satellites with serial or
PPM sum signal can be connected. The ON/OFF switch is acoded
Magnetic switch, an unwanted off by vibration or switch is defective
thereby excluded.
Delivery: Centralbox 200  (no RX)
• Supply Voltage: 3.5 - 15V
• Recommended battery (number / type) 2-3 or 4-10 LiXX NiXX
• max current: 90A peak / 10A continuously
• Intelligent switch without voltage regulation
• up to 15 fully programmable servo outputs
• Each servo output is protected by a resettable fuse 
- in the case of short circuit the power from the power supply is disconnected at these servo output
• 2x input for connecting receivers with serial (JETI EX Bus) or PPM output
• up to 3x input for Duplex EX telemetry sensors
• Magnetic safety switch
• telemetry readings: consumed capacity, voltage, current and power of the receiver battery failure
• Quiescent current / power-off mode [uA] 120
• Operating temperature [° C] - 20 to +75
• Weight [g] 30
• Size [mm] 62x38x16

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