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Climatec Long Photo gloves black 9,5cm

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MacWet Climatec Photo Gloves

The MacWet Climatec Long Cuff photo gloves offer the perfect grip. These nice and warm gloves are developed especially for cold circumstances. They are ideal for nature photography, because the gloves make sure that your hands stay warm. Moreover, they improve your grip on your gear. The unique Aquatec fabric regulates the circulation of air around your hands and responds to moisture and changes in temperature and weather. That’s why the Climatec gloves offer maximal comfort, feeling and grip, no matter the weather. It’s not for nothing that “All grip, no slip” is MacWet’s motto.

Photo gloves with long cuff

MacWet Climatec photo gloves have a long, elastic cuff that closes above the wrist with velcro. Ideal when you want to stuff the upper side of your gloves in the sleeves of your jacket. The MacWet Climatec photo glove is available in black and green, the best colour for nature photographers. They are available in 10 different sizes, so there’s always a glove that fits. Because they’re made of durable fabric, they last long.

Gloves with unique technology

Because of the fact that most gloves are uncomfortable and not easy to control small buttons on your gear with, the British McSport Group, manufacturer of MacWet gloves, decided to develop a glove that not only offers warmth, but also comfort, feeling and grip. To accomplish this, they combined the breathing Aquatec fabric with a warm fleece lining on the inside, and a wind- and waterproof lining on the backside. The Aquatec fabric ensures that moisture and water run down the outside of the glove quickly. This way, the gloves ensure a good grip at all times. Moreover, because they enclose your hands like a second skin, they make sure of perfect feeling in the tips of your fingers, so that you can control your gear easily.

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