D-Power Infinity 300 - 3m Full Composite ARF+ Electric Glider

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D-Power Infinity 300 - 3m Full Composite ARF+ Electric Glider

Ref. DPIFT300X

After the great success of our INFINITY 250 E glider now comes the somewhat bigger brother INFINITY 300 with almost 50cm more wingspan and new, noble color design.

The INFINITY 300 from D-POWER is like its little brother a fully loadable all-rounder in high quality full GRP construction with pendulum tailplane and functional flaps. Whether aerobatic maneuvers at full throttle or gliding in thermals and on slopes - the flight characteristics of the INFINITY 300 leave nothing to be desired.


High quality construction

The electric glider model is manufactured entirely in GRP shell construction. All components are already elaborately painted in the mold and prefabricated for minimal construction effort.


ARF+ means an extremely high degree of prefabrication

We have deliberately decided not to offer you this model with its own motors and servos. Because with the ARF+ equipment you have the possibility to equip your electric glider according to your preferences. All cable layers are completely routed, so you only have to connect your electronic components to the ready-made cable harness and plug the cables in the fuselage into the receiver. Spend minimal time in the tinkering basement - and maximum time on the flying field.


  • Cable harness ready installed and integrated
  • MULTIlock® wing locking system installed
  • MPX high-current connectors installed in fuselage and wing panels
  • Laser-cut battery board ready installed in the fuselage
  • Servo frames installed
  • Resin-installed GRP motor bulkhead
  • Pre-turned linkages, all linkages ready installed
  • Rudder horns already installed
  • Richly illustrated, German-language building instructions

Ample space for electronics

The fuselage of the INFINITY 300 is specially designed for electric propulsion. Thus, the built-in CNC-milled battery board offers enough space for large batteries and the required electronics. The resin-molded GRP motor bulkhead also provides space for 42 inboard or outboard motors.


Needed to complete:

  • Motor: D-Power AL42-07 (see combo with ESC)
  • ESC: 60A
  • Battery: 3-4S LiPo 3700mAh
  • Propeller: 13x6,5" @ 4S / 15x8" @ 3S
  • Servos rudder: 1x KST X12-508 / Hitec HS-82MG
  • Servos elevator: 1x KST X12-508 / Hitec HS-82MG
  • Servos aileron: 2x KST X10 Mini
  • Servos flaps: 2x KST X10 Mini
  • Remote control system: at least 8-channels


  • Completely manufactured in high-quality GRP shell construction
  • Pendulum stab
  • Modified RG-14 wing profile
  • Mold-painted GRP fuselage, tailplane and GRP wings
  • Fuselage cabin offers space for 3S or 4S 4000 batteries
  • Good visibility thanks to high-contrast block stripes on the underside of the wings
  • CFRP reinforcements in fuselage and wings
  • Solid carbon fiber wing joiner
  • Short construction time thanks to high degree of prefabrication > ARF+


  • Wingspan: 299 cm
  • Fuselage length: 156 cm
  • Wing profile: RG-14 mod.
  • Wing area: 57,1 dm²
  • Flight weight approx.: 2700g (without battery)


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Manufacturer D-power
Article reference DPIFT300X
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