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DPSI Ampere

DPSI Ampere
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Powerful battery backer with peak current capacity of up to 60 ampere. The DPSI Ampere can be used as dual power supply for receivers, turbines or similar electric consumers of R/C models.
System stability of the DPSI Ampere is ensured by connecting two batteries. If one battery fails, safe operation is guaranteed by the second battery. Normally, both batteries are discharged symmetrically and simultaneously (at the same time). Due to the parallel connected batteries the current is split in half for each battery.
The DPSI Ampere is switched ON/OFF electronically by placing a magnet on the corresponding position on the device housing.
The DPSI Ampere can handle a permanent current of 50 ampere. So it is the perfect solution for all high current applications. Thanks to an integrated charging connector both connected batteries can be charged simultanously with only one charging device.
The DPSI Ampere is the first EMCOTEC battery backer that can be operated with 3S LiPo batteries or batteries with voltages up to 13.2 volts. So the module is much more than a conventional dual power supply for receivers. Due to the higher voltage also devices such as turbines can be reliably powered with the DPSI Ampere.
Delivery includes switching magnet with EMCOTEC patch, backup magnet, 3D sticker as well as German and English operating instructions
DPSI Ampere - Function overview :
Loss-free switching function without diodes.
Integrated electronically fail-proof switches separately for each battery without using the micro controller (CSHC).
Dual safeguarded power off logic. Even a failing part does not lead to a power out.
IVM (Intelligent Voltage Monitoring). Battery voltage monitoring with acoustic warning signals for all supported battery types (NiMH, LiIon, LiPo, LiFePO4).
Booster for safe control of the power switches even at extremely low voltages or short power interruptions (MBOOST).
DPSI Ampere - Specifications :
Current sources 4S to 8S NiCd / NiMH batteries, 2S to 3S Lithium++ batteries (LiPo, LiFePO4, LiIon)
Operating voltage range 2.6V (*) .... 13.2V
Nominal input voltage 3.6V .... 13.0V
Output voltage same as input voltage (no dropout losses)
Quiescent current (turned off) < 4µA per battery
Quiescent current (turned on) approx. 30mA total
Max. continuous current 50A (30A per channel)
Max. peak current (10 sec.) 60A (30A per channel)
Internal resistance approx. 3mR
CE test according to 2004/108/EG
Environmental conditions -10°C .... +50°C (14°F ... 122°F)
Permissible temperature range -25°C .... +70°C (-13°F ... 158°F)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 60mm x 64mm x 16mm (2.36in x 2.52in x 0.63in)
Weight 45g (1.59oz)
Warranty 24 months

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