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DPSI Mini 6 (2008)

DPSI Mini 6 (2008)


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Product Description


  • Fully redundant power and servo management system of the latest generation
  • Current distribution of 6 receiver channels to 7 servos (additional servos directly connectable to the receiver)
  • Up to 50A peak current load for optimal servo power
  • Failsafe electronical power switches with the proven pin switch actuator - the switching is not influenced by a micro controller (CSHC)
  • Regulated output voltage for the use of all battery types
  • SDVS - Selectable Dual Voltage Supply for discrete receiver and servo voltage provisioning:
  • Receiver voltage switchable between 5.2V and 5.9V
  • Servo voltage switchable between 5.9V and 7.4V
  • LowDropOut regulators for minimum dissipation loss and maximum power
  • Protection of the receiver against the so-called "dynamo effect"
  • APP - Advanced Push-Pull servo pulse amplification - ideal for 2.4GHz applications
  • HFIB - High Frequency Interference Blocking rejects interference from long servo cables
  • IVM - Intelligent Voltage Monitoring with integrated status and alarm display
  • Easily programmable for all battery types: NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Po or LiFePo4
  • Optical and acoustical error indication
  • High grade ABS housing

Delivery includes On/Off switch including mounting hardware, MPX high current connectors, 6 patch cables, operating instructions

ATTENTION: because of customer demands you are able to select the switch actuator you want! Please select the fitting unit. By default the Magnetic Switch Actuator will be delivered.

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Additional Information

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