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DPSI Voltage

DPSI Voltage
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Voltage regulator module for battery backer DPSI Ampere (Item no. A15020).
The module must be plugged to the output side of the DPSI Ampere. With a jumper regulated output voltages of 6 volts, 6.6 volts or 7.2 volts can be selected. Furthermore the unregulated battery voltage can be used additionally on a secound output.
If the DPSI Voltage should be used without DPSI Ampere, optionally the switches DPSI Micro - MPS (item no. A11055)*, MPS Gas-Cap-Powerswitch JR (item no. A17050)*, MPS Gas-Cap-Powerswitch Futaba (item no. A17051)* or DPS Switch MPX / MPX (item no. A17010) can be used for switching on and off.
When using these switches instead of JR/Futaba socket a MPX socket must be mounted.
Delivery contains programming jumper, operating manual an EMCOTEC 3D sticker.
urrent sources 4S to 8S NiCd / NiMH batteries, 2S to 3S Lithium++ batteries (LiPo, LiFePO4, LiIon)
Operating voltage range 2.6V (*) .... 13.2V
Nominal input voltage 3.6V .... 13.0V
Output voltage regulated 6.0V / 6.6V or 7.2V
Output voltage unregulated same as input voltage (no dropout losses)
Current drain approx. 15mA
Max. permanent current (unregulated output) 30A
Max. power dissipation 10W
Max output current (regulated output, depending of power dissipation) 20A
Max output current (calculation) 10W / (input voltage [V] - output voltage [V])
CE test according to 2004/108/EG
Environmental conditions -10°C .... +50°C (14°F ... 122°F)
Permissible temperature range -25°C .... +70°C (-13°F ... 158°F)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 60mm x 64mm x 16mm (2.36in x 2.52in x 0.63in)
Weight 41,6g (1.47oz)
Warranty 24 months

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