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Easyglider 4 Ready to fly

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Multiplex Easy Glider RTF 4, ready to fly (MPX13273)
Best Easy Glider ever!


The 4th generation of this all-round glider, now manufactured again in Germany.

What's new :
• wing reinforced with ultra-light fiberglass spar
• Rigid hull by M-Space Technology
• elevator and rudder are removable - easy to carry
• Modern designed sticker
• Efficient and light Roxxy engine set (in the RR version included and installed)

The Easy Glider 4 is a great all-round model that can fly both thermals, glide slope and basic acrobatics.

Contents of the kit:

ELAPOR® model built ready, including C28-34-850kv Roxxy brushless motor Roxxy BL Control 720 S-BEC controller, 9x6 "folding propeller, two Tiny-S servos and two servos Nano-S, RX-5 receiver, Roxxy Evo 3-2200, Smart SX M-link radio, stickers and manual.


Model: electric glider
Material: Elapor
Wingspan: 1800mm
RC functions: aileron, elevator, rudder, engine
Ready to fly weight: 1100mm
Flying time: 45minutes
Total area loading grams per square decimeter: 27
Total area in square decimeter: 40
Types of batteries / cells: 3S LiPo 1800-2500mAh


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Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU MPX13273
Brand Multiplex
Cellnumber No
cilinder No
crate No
helisize No
multirotortype No
planetype Gliders
spanwidth 1500-2000mm span
color No
deliverytime Day