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Elanor Mylar 2015

Elanor Mylar 2015
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Product Description


Product description
Wingspan: 900mm
Length: 1088mm (without motor and prop), 1153mm with Glavak SG CRE 02 coaxial system
Weight: from 58 grams up
Elanor 2015 is a competition indoor model intended for modern F3P precision sequences. This year’s edition is even further modified towards perfection in the AP-15 and the AF-15 sequences. 
It is capable of all known maneuvers even in small halls (7 meter ceiling). 
This is enabled by large control surfaces, but not at the cost of stability. 
Due to its geometry and flying characteristics, Elanor presents maneuvers exceptionally well.
It remains very good even at simple F3P sequences.
The 12 prototypes made during a 5 years period have evolved into a very slow, neutral and precise model, with zero knife-edge coupling. Elanor has been tested in many European and international competitions with very good results. 
It comes with the Passion for Perfection built-in.
Elanor 2015 is a high-quality kit, made in the European Union.
It is ready for competition right out of the box - no need to change a thing. When developing the Elanor 2015 we have invested heavily into drastic weight reduction, streamlining the build process and further refining the precision flying characteristics.
What’s new:
• We developed special Ultralight 3mm Depron for our F3P models. The 2014 season really stressed the importance of the model’s weight. This is our answer to the carbon-mylar models. 
The final weights of our Ultralight Depron models are more than competitive with anything our competition has to offer.
• Dynamic canalisers – special transmitter programmed dynamic brakes that do their job when required and don’t get in the way when they are not.
• Factory-made hinges. Hinging surfaces was one of the more tedious parts of the build in our previous models. 
It has been taken care of.
• Carbon hinge reinforcements – These give the hinges a boost around the control horn area. A major improvement in surface precision, especially after the models has seen many flights.
• A new method of reinforcing with carbon profiles – Quicker, simpler and more effective then anything previously seen.
• Aileron Flow Control – No more drastic accelerations and decelerations of the model when applying aileron inputs. The air flow from the propeller is no longer impeded by aileron shape.
Kit contents:
• high-quality UV-printed, CNC laser-cut parts from Ultralight Depron 3mm already covered with 3 micron Mylar,
• high quality light DPP CFK rods, tubes and profiles (7 m 0,28 mm rod, 11 m 0,5 mm rod, 4 m 0,7 mm tube, 1,5 m 1 mm tube, 3 m 3x0,13 mm, 0,1 m 1,5 mm rod) shipped in a PVC sleeve,
• CFK-parts - servo horns, control surface horns,
• an additional piece of 3 micron mylar for repairs or experimentation,
• »Zero-stretch« line for pull-pull,
• transparent fishing line for landing gear reinforcement,
• 8 steel Z-bends and shrink-tube for aileron and dynamic canalyser linkages,
• 2 mini screws for pull-pull tightening,
• pieces of 3M Blenderm tape,
• kevlar thread for securing CFK horns on servo arms,
• piece of thin glass-cloth for reinforcement or repairs,
• a piece of Velcro &
• detailed Instruction Manual.
Recommended equipment:
Motor: 10-13 gram motor. We highly recommend Glavak SG motors: SG CRE 02 coaxial system
or SG VS-5 single motor. The kit also contains all the parts required to fit the Lantsov coaxial system.
Propeller: Glavak SG 11X3,8 set of props for coaxial system, or SG 11X3.8 for the single propeller
Glavak offers a wide range of carbon propellers. Try-out some different sizes and discover which
compliments your flying the most.
BEC: RH design microBEC (in case you are using the YGE 7S without an integrated BEC)
LiPO: Opti Power 2s 120mAh
• ailerons: Spektrum A2020 - pre-cut slots in the airframe
• rudder & elevator: Spektrum A2010 - pre-cut slots in the airframe
• dynamic brake (optional): Spektrum A2010 - pre-cut slots in the airframe
Receiver: JETI RX7 mini or the lightest for your transmitter 
It is recommended to choose quality equipment for this model. It is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT to choose precise servos. This has a significant and observable impact on flight. The equipment should also be as light as possible.

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