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Electromagnetic brake

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Kavan 0263 Electromagnetic brake

Particularly suitable for large or heavy model aircraft. Electromagnetic Brake offers smooth and constant braking action without locking the wheels. Consists of an electromagnetic coil in a zinc-plated steel brake drum and zinc-plated steel brake disc with a smooth aluminum coating on one side.

Mount the brake drum on the wheel axle. The brake disc is positioned between the brake drum and wheel hub. Switch the brake on; the brake disc is pulled to the brake drum. Operate the brake with Mini Electronic Switch (Order No. 0230) or similar switch.

Fits Scale AirWheels, Order Nos. 0180 - 0183 and 0259 - 0267. For 6 mm (or drill slightly for 1/4") wheel axle-ø. Weight 63 g (2.3 oz), diameter: 40 mm (1-1/2"), total width: 16 mm (.63"), operating voltage: 4.8 to 9V (the higher the voltage, the stronger the braking action).

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