2S 4000mAh 20C Roxxy Lipo with BID chip

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Multiplex Roxxy 4000mAh 2s 7.4v 20C Lipo battery with BID chip

The ROXXY® EVO battery series offers an above-average voltage level, even at high load currents, for noticeably more "pressure". The capacity under load, and the total number of cycles of ROXXY® EVO batteries is extremely high.

Furthermore, the ROXXY®-Evo line is characterized by smaller dimensions and lower weight, combined with a high C-rate. The unique ROXXY® BID chip technology for easy handling on POWER PEAK® chargers is integrated as standard in almost all ROXXY® EVO batteries.

BID system = Battery IDentification system.


  • Width : 45 mm
  • Height : 15 mm
  • Length : 145 mm
  • Weight : 0.216 Kg
  • Capacity in mAh: 4000
  • Number of cells Battery: 2
  • Nominal voltage in V: 7.4
  • Discharge current in A: 12
  • Charging current: 1C
  • Instantaneous current for 5 sec. in A: 80
  • Charger Balancer connection: EH
  • Discharge in C: 20


More Information
Manufacturer Multiplex
Brand Multiplex
Article reference MPX316977
Capacity (mAh) 4000
C Rate 0-20C
Battery type LiPo
Number of cells 2 Cell