DPSI GAS-Cap switch actuator

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Emcotec DPSI gas cap switch actuator 30cm (11.81in) (A18080)


Nicely shaped switch actuator for DPSI dual power supplies (DPSI RV Mini, DPSI RV, DPSI 2001 RV, DPSI TWIN, DPSI TWIN Maxi, DPSI VREG)

Generates On/Off signal for the electronically switch in the corresponding system but does not switch power

Turning On/Off is done with external magnet

An inserted magnet means consumer is off, removing it turns it on ("remove before flight")

The magnetically actuator is automatically tightened in its "Gas-Cap" by means of magnetically force

The operating system is indicated by a bright shining red ring

Error states or battery low voltage are still indicated by blink codes

Absolutely fail safe system concept due to a combination of Reed-Switch and Hall-Sensor

Mounting diameter: 15.5 mm, installation depth about 35mm


Delivery contents

DPSI gas cap switch actuator with 30cm (11.81in) connection cable

Switching magnet

Key ring

Stainless steel screws

Counter flange



More Information
Manufacturer Emcotec
Article reference EMCA18080
Brand Emcotec