Led set "EPP Viper" Tomahawk Design

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Optotronix Led set "EPP Viper" Tomahawk Design

Equip your EDF Viper with true-to-the-original model aircraft lighting in the brightest LED technology. The landing lights are very bright and quick to install (approx. 45min), just like the prototype. The units are simply glued in place with super glue and offer gold-plated connection contacts for 4s and 5s Lipo drive batteries. Six of the brightest 5mm LEDs available are used, each with a brightness of 50,000 - 60,000mcd. The beam can be aligned vertically by carefully bending the LEDs. The power consumption is 60mA (complete).


The set includes all necessary parts: 2x landing light unit, 2x stranded wire 0.08qmm as well as 2x deep-drawing foil 0.1mm. The installation and all necessary measurements for the wing cut-out are documented and illustrated. Model aircraft lighting can so simple!


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Manufacturer Optotronix
Article reference OPT4000