S.Bus > S.Bus terminal

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S.Bus > S.Bus terminal

S.Bus terminal for S.bus connection cables or wing cables (item no. A12150 or A12155). The cable must be feeded between the upper and the lower half of the S.Bus terminal block. The two halves must be pressed together to close the housing and lock the cable in position. That way S.Bus servos can be installed at any point along the length of the cable.

The clamped terminal creates a reliable power and signal connection to the battery backer DPSI 2018 (item no. A12100) or to the receiver. Therefor each servo needs to be allocated with a channel adress. Optionally the USB adapter CIU-2 (item no. RF1405) combined with the PC-Link software or the S.Bus channel programmer SBC-1 (item no. RF1696) can be used for channel programming.

Note: To connect conventional analog or digital servos to the S.Bus system the S.Bus > terminal (item no. A12125) can be used.


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Manufacturer Emcotec
Article reference EMCA12120
Type powerdistributor Accesoires

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