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Emcotec Fueldot RED



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Product Description


Fueling valve

This shapely fueling valve made from massive aluminum (colored anodized) allows for clean fueling of models without gas reflux.

For fueling simply put the filler neck (plastic pipe) into the fueling valve. This releases the non-return valve allowing unrestricted flow of gas. Remove the filler neck after fueling. The valve closes automatically.

The fueling valves can be used for filling as well as emptying the tanks. Due to the high grade materials used (aluminum, stainless steel, Viton), all liquids used in modeling can be pumped: gasoline, smoke oil, methanol, kerosene, petroleum, diesel and water.

Delivery contents

  • Fueling valve
  • Filler neck (PTFE pipe)
  • 6 pieces of screws (self cutting)
  • Counter flange
  • Label set "FUEL", "SMOKE", "JET A-1"
  • Brief instructions


For jets with several tanks (hopper tank) its possible that air could be sucked in because of negative pressure. In that case a ball valve which ensures reliable closing can be attached into the tank pipeline.

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