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Emcotec Universal tester

Emcotec Universal tester
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The EMCOTEC UniversalTester is a high precision measuring device with optical display (bar graph). On one hand, this UniversalTester informs the user about the voltage state of the battery using 16 ultra bright light emitting diodes, on the other it functions as an indicator for the servo position of a receiver output. The appropriate function is easily selected by simple programming.

The following battery types can be monitored by UniversalTester: 2S, 3S, 4S LiPo, 5 / 6 cell NiMH, 2S, 3S, 4S LiFePO4. Furthermore, the UniversalTester can be used as bar graph. In this case, each LED corresponds to a linear voltage increase of 100mV, 200mV, 300mV, 400mV or 500mV. The display ranges from approx. 6V to 14V. Different display modes allow for exact evaluation of the voltage supply.

A separate output serves as connector for an external alarm-LED. The LED indicates the on-/off state of the equipment as well as an impending low voltage of the battery by blink code. The external alarm-LED is available as accessory.

When connected to a receiver channel, the UniversalTester is usable as a servo pulse monitor. One illuminated LED means 10% servo travel. Each additional increase in position by 10% turns on one more LED. Using 15 LED's allows for indication of 150% servo travel. The 16th LED indicates the "direction of spin" of the servo channel: LED on = positive servo values, LED flashes = negative servo values. This UniversalTester allows for quick evaluation of the servo position on a receiver channel.

Mounting is done vibration protected by two cable support sleeves using two screws.

Current consumption: approx. 17mA average (130mA peak) Connection cable: JR/Uni with gold plated contacts, 30cm / 11.8" long

  • Intelligent multimeter device - simple to configure
  • 16 ultra bright light emitting diodes for indication of different functions (bar graph)
  • Battery condition monitor: displays the approximate charging state of a battery
  • Voltage monitor: displays the voltage of an external voltage source via bar graph
  • Servo pulse monitor: indicates servo position of a receiver output
  • Alarm-Output for an external control LED
  • Huge operating voltage range from 6V up to 16.8V (up to 4S LiPo)

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