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EOS 0720i DUO3 2x7S 1000W charger

EOS 0720i DUO3 2x7S 1000W charger
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Best way to shorten the charge time - Hyperion EOS702i SUPER DUO 3 Smart Charger
With the performance and the reliability of the EOS702i, then double it, and you get the EOS702i SUPER DUO 3. Why you need two EOS702i packed together? Let put it this way, do you have a lot of battery packs? Like NiCd, NiMH from the old RC cars, and a lot helicopter Li-Po pack? And one day, it's sunny out there and you want to go out and play asap, this charger becomes very useful. It has a outstanding 500W output for each port, that means 1000W in total, compare with normal 150W chargers, this shorten the charging time by 3-4 times, i'm talking about in 10 minutes, you can get your 5000mah battery charge up, this is something not even exist one year ago, however, in order to provide all 500W per channel (1000W total), the SUPER DUO needs 24V-28V of input voltage but can naturally also be operated on lower input voltages (from 11V). And of course, what makes this EOS702i SUPER DOU 3 stand out in the market, is the ability of charging a 14S Li-Po battery pack, because the SUPER DOU 3 is basically two EOS702i linked together (they call it SYNC mode), so you can use it as two separate chargers, or one super charger.

Why need such a powerful charger?
Let's face it, good battery requires good chargers, especially for Lithium Polymer Battery (Li-Po Battery). To ensure your Li-Po Battery a long life span (I'm talking about years!) and Like-New performance all the time, you need a "Good" quality Li-Po Charger. You may ask a 10 dollar balance can do the work, why buy a big charger? Because a good Li-Po Charger monitors each battery cell accurately, it adjust the current (Voltage and Amps) that flows into each cell constantly, this is important, because too quick or too low will make the "Internal Resistance" (IR) of the cell increase, and when IR is too high in the battery cell, they battery will die. Expect nothing less from Hyperion, everything inside the charger are using expensive and good QC material, in a short word, it's accurate in every way, especially on the sensors, it monitors each cell's condition and pump in the correct amount of current, this helps to keep the battery healthy, by using this method, your battery pack can last 5 times longer than those cheaply made balance chargers. Combining with Hyperion CX, VX or EX Li-Po Battery Pack, you will have no worry of weak or even dead battery pack, ever!

Features :
- Charge 1S-14S Li-Po Battery Pack
- Super power output 20A/500W max for each port.
- Use DC 10.5V~29V outdoor (Ok to hook up car battery)
- Smart control with power supply, so it won't damage the car battery that is powering the charger
- Powerful yet compact and portable with wide support for different battery types (Li-Po, NiMH, NiCd, Pb....)
- Integrated Hyperion LBA Balancer for Li-Po (3.7V each cell) or Li-Fe (3.3V each cell) 
- 12-bit Resolution Balance Circuits for max accuracy
- Two Balancer Multi-Adapters for 2S~7S packs (included Hyperion / PQ and Chinese style XH 2S-7S balance plug)
- Charge, Discharge, Storage and Cycle modes for NiMH / NiCd
- Two X Clear Yellow Backlit LCD Screen and Error Warnings for left and right port
- Connect to PC to read data and update firmware
- Multi connectors for common pack brands are available (* sold separately)
- Detect battery temperature (* sensor sold separately)


Hyperion EOS720i SUPER DUO 3, 2 X 1S-7S, max 20A, 2 X 500W (1000W) Charger Specification :
DC Input : 10.5-29Volt
Lead Acid DC Input Suggest : 24V Deep Cycle
Max output : 20A/500W
Max Current Output Amps per port : 20A
Max Discharge WATTS limit per port : 40W
Max Discharge Current Amps per port : 5A
Max Lipo/LiFe/Lilo "S" per port : 7
Max Lipo/LiFe/Lilo "S" via sync mode : 14 (in SYNC mode)
Max Pb (Lead Acid) Cells per port : 12
Max NiCd/NiMH cells per port : 16
Built-In USB with included cable : Yes
Display Type : Two display for left and right, each has 2-line, 16 Character yellow backlit LCD
Net weight : 1370g
Dimension : 235 x 185 x 73mm

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