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Extra 330LX 37% COLOR scheme full Composite kit

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Product Description


The 37% Extra 330LX was designed by KRILL MODEL and Gernot Bruckmann . The design is similar to the "SC" version and the new Extra 330LX is near perfect scale model of the popular Extra 330LX by Mr. Walter Extra.  

We had one major idea while developing the Extra 330LX with Gernot , weight! We wanted to develop an extremely light and special airplane designed for precision flying (IMAC, F3M) with a cost effective set up! The new Extra 330LX has been designed to use fewer servos and smaller engines can be used. 150cc and upwards depending on your own requirements.
This is a pure precision designed machine and not designed for 3D!

Bellow are some details of the new Extra 330LX airframe: 

  • The wings , rudder , and elevators have central hinged control surfaces.
  • Each Aileron uses two servos , Each elevator uses one servo per side, The rudder only requires the use of two servos. One servo required on the throttle with 9 servos in total being required, this in essence is a 35% aircraft servo installation.
  • Please see the picture bellow.

  • The underside of the motor dome has been specially designed to aid in efficient engine cooling.
  • The landing gear covers (skirts) are integrated into fuselage finishing off the fuzz with some scale detail.
  • Included are carbon fibre main wing tube and stab tubes.The blue tinted canopy glass is pre-bonded into the canopy frame.


  • The cowling and UC gear is pre-installed.
  • The firewall is set up for 170-190 cc engines. For an extra charge we offer a set up for 4-cylinder engines ( see order form no.: WT0012-01 ) this includes pre-installed reinforcement in the tail for the servos, modified firewall for the longer engine and the rudder control horn inside the fuzz is not installed on the integrated Rc tray.Included in the kit is a tail wheel assembly and two main wheels.(120mm)
  • We offer modify the split cowl ( no.: WT0012-02 ) also
  • We offer 3 different type of spinners. ( Painted, Carbon or Silver carbon)
  • The firewall is set up for 170-190 cc engines. For an extra charge we offer a set up for 4-cylinder engines ( see order form)
  • Right Thrust has  already been pre-set.

  • Integrated Rc tray included with pre-installed Alu Rudder horn, with the option of the use of a direct rudder servo setup depending on the type of engine installed.
  • The C/F landing gear and wheel pants are designed for very easy assembly !



Extra 330LX Kit contents.

  • airframe
  • pre-installed canopy bonded in to the canopy frame
  • landing gear
  • wheel pants
  • Carbon wing and stab tubes.


    Hardware included :

  • 2x 120mm wheels.
  • 1x tailwheel Extra 41%
  • wings screws
  • Rudder tray horn 117mm instaled
  • Set CNC control horns

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