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Fantasy 3.20m glider

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Fantasy 3,20m Glider

Splendid performing machine for the F5J amateurs.

The F5J (very popular non official category in the USA), what it?
In fact, it is a mix of F3J (category FAI for the thermal flight) and of F5 (electric category).
To summarize, instead of launching your sailplane with a winch, you launch it using the electric motor which you have in the nose and then you soar, soar, soar...
The flaps make possible to slightly camber the profile for better exploiting the zones "which go up".
Directed into negative, they make possible to accelerate to forward. By directing them many and by mixing them with the ailerons (crocodiles mixing), they enables you straight forwardly ,to stop the sailplane finally, to land for cm!

A sailplane that everyone will be torn off!
If you are interested in a different color combination than we offer, please contact us.
Span: 3200 mm
Length: 1550 mm
Weight: 3/3,3kg
Profile: MH32

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Additional Information

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