FMS Futura V2 Blue 80mm EDF jet PNP

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The FMS Futura is a licensed sport jet developed by FMS in conjunction with Tomahawk- Aviation. Designed by a Sino-German team of engineers, the Futura represents the pinnacle of what a foam jet can be.

While retaining V1 features such as the CNC metal trailing-link landing gear for rough field operations, robust airframe with high-strength wing spars, oversized electronics bay etc. The FMS 80mm Futura V2 is upgraded with 13g all-metal digital servos for increased precision and torque, improved plug-type connectors that are durable and reliable, and an attractive blue paint scheme.

Powering the Futura V2 is an industry-leading Hobbywing 100A ESC paired with an uprated 3280-KV2100 motor turning an 80mm 12 bladed fan- delivering breathtaking power with absolute confidence.

The Futura V2 comes with the free Reflex flight stabilization system. 2 years in the making and after hundreds of test flights in all conditions, the Reflex system features Stabilized (accelerometer and gyro), Optimized (gyro-only) and Manual (off) flight modes- a trusty co-pilot, perfect for pilots of any skill level.

Pedigree matters! Fly the ultimate sports jet- the FMS 80mm Futura V2!


This aircraft comes with the Reflex system for free - an advanced flight control module designed to provide electronic stabilization while retaining natural flight characteristics.

Using both PPM and SBus inputs, the Reflex system functions natively with your favorite radio setup. Assigned to any 3 channel switch, Reflex could be switched between Stabilized, Optimized or OFF modes- allowing pilots to always be in control.


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Manufacturer FMS
Article reference FMS112
Brand FMS
Kit version Ready to fly
Span 1060
Plane Type Jets

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