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Futaba 18MZ WC Potless + R7008SB mode 2

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· Professional 18-channel remote control system with FASSTest and T-FHSS 2.4 GHz technology

· Billet units with innovative potless technology

· Chromed transmitter housing

· High noise immunity due to fast frequency hopping modulation (100 x per second)

· Integrated telemetry system with full range

· Virtually unlimited model memory through SD card

· Integrated camera

· Model and user name with 32 characters

· Operating hours counter, clock and calendar function, 2 stopwatches, model memory oriented with 100 lap times, motor runtime memory

· Free controller assignment channel 1 ... 16, mode selection throttle left / right

· 16 proportional channels, 2 switching channels, 2 prop channels expandable to 8 multi-channels by multi-prop decoder

· Teacher-student operation with single-function switching and mix operation

· Choice of monitor color as well as adjustment of contrast and strength of the backlight

· Digital joystick trimming, with either Normal, Center or ATL (Asymmetric) trim function

· For each control transmitter (switch / slide) freely selectable trim elements, such as rotary trim, digital button, analog rotary encoder or linear slide

· Servo adjustment with limit function (ATV) for the 16 prop channels

· 4 joystick functions, 8 switches, 6-linear rotary encoder, 6 trim buttons, 1 digital rotary encoder button, freely selectable as encoder

· Can be combined with logic switching functions

· Delivery in high-quality aluminum case


· POTLESS STICK technology

· Non-contact sampling of the joystick movement

· Very high resolution with 4,096 steps

· Noticeably better response

· Virtually no measurable latency anymore

· Resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations

· Absolutely wear-free

· Maximum precision in combination with the double-ball bearing Futaba billet units

· Hollow stick axles for easy retrofitting of stick switches


· Channels: 18

Transmission system: FASSTest, FASST, T-FHSS, S-FHSS

· Frequency: 2.4 GHz

· Voltage range: 7.4V

· Dimensions: 190x203x72 mm

· Weight approx .: 1.185 g


The new T18MZ WC Potless Edition is the flagship of Futaba and sets standards in terms of transmission, quality, features and usability - an exclusive high-end transmitter in a class of its own. The new WORLD CHAMPION EDITION (WC version) now has a chrome-plated housing and additionally offers the T-FHSS transmission system. In combination with the R7008SB receiver, the system offers extensive telemetry functions for the highest demands. With the additional T-FHSS software and the new RF module, the transmitter can now also be operated with all T-FHSS receivers, e.g. with the R3008SB receiver. This makes the T8MZ WC transmitter an all-round genius for all Futaba receivers.


The T18MZ WC transmitter is completely expanded and equipped with 18 servo channels. The superior bidirectional FASSTest transmission technology provides superior interference immunity by combining the benefits of DSSS and FHSS transmission.


The FASSTest system has an integrated telemetry function for the transmission of 32 telemetry channels. The extremely high-quality hand-held transmitter housing impresses with its outstanding workmanship and the precision of the controls. The large, fast, color touchscreen display makes the operation of the extensive functions a pleasure. The graphically guided Windows user interface is clearly structured.


Using software update V2.5.0, all telemetry data in the transmitter can now be recorded on the SD card. Using a CSV conversion software, the data in spreadsheets such as Excel etc. can be read in and displayed graphically.


The extensive software of the T18MZ WC also offers functions for even the most demanding applications for functional engine, glider and helicopter models. Numerous free program mixers, with 15-point curves, also solve complex mixing functions.


The T18MZ WC transmitter has digital joystick trims with adjustable step size. A trim or the manual trim value storage when changing models are not required.


The total of 6 digital trimmers can be used freely selectable for trimming the joysticks or any other control element, or can be configured as independent donors. The T18MZ WC has an internal model data converter, so that existing T14MZ model files of the predecessor model can be read in and automatically converted.


The tried-and-true menu guidance of the T14MZ has been largely retained, supplemented by the menus S.BUS servo, camera, vibration alarm and telemetry display. In conjunction with the touchscreen control buttons and the 3D hotkey as well as the graphically controlled Windows user interface, the T18MZ WC is very easy to program.

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· Transmitter T18MZ WC Potless Edition fully expanded to 18 channels

· Receiver R7008SB FASSTest

· LiPo transmitter battery 7.4 V 3.500 mAh

· 230V ~ lithium battery automatic charger

· Exclusive aluminum carrying case

· Combination tool pen

· Shoulder strap

· Switch cable with charging socket

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