FTX Outback Mini X Texan 1:18 RTR Matt Grey

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FTX Outback Mini X Texan 1:18 RTR Matt Grey

Ref. FTX5524GY


Hot on the heels of the 1/18th Outback Mini X Fury, we are thrilled to announce the Mini X Texan on the same 1/18th platform.


Are you looking for a car that can tackle any indoor or outdoor obstacle course? Do you turn the whole house upside down to build the steepest and most challenging courses? Then a crawler like the FTX Outback series is ideal. These also look very cool.

This classic old school 40's/50's pick up is available in a gloss green or matt grey finish depending on your taste. With factory fitted LED lights, lexan body with clear windows and moulded scale body accessories the Texan 18 has huge potential for some additional scale touches for your indoor or outdoor trail.

Charge the 2S 600mAH LiPo battery via the supplied USB charger and you will be out hitting the trail course. Whether that’s indoors or outdoors depends on, well...the weather.


On top of that, it is very suitable for beginners.

  • Ready To Ride package: except for AA batteries for the transmitter, everything you need is included in this package.
  • Can take a beating thanks to the use of quality parts. Moreover, there are parts for it and the time of broken toy cars is over.
  • Also very suitable for indoor courses

Still needed to complete:

4x AA battery (for in the transmitter)


Start2RC Tips: Here's what you need to know!

  • Buy an extra battery (or two) to make the most of your free time; this way you can already charge the other battery while you keep on driving!
  • If you want to recharge your batteries faster than with the standard charger (RTF version), you should buy a separate charger. These can be found from €44.95 and are a must if you have several cars in your garage later. Charging is also best done in a LiPo Safe Bag, safety first!
  • A LiPo Tester is also a must-have tool for (race) pilots. With this tool you can measure before or after your flight how much battery charge you have left. This way you avoid taking off with an empty battery or driving too empty.
  • Something broken by accident? No problem. All parts of the car are available separately. So there is always a solution and we are happy to help! You can usually find these parts at the bottom of the product page, but don't hesitate to mail us if they are not yet on our website.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions (e-mail, Facebook, phone...) or be welcome to visit our 800m² shop with showroom in Bruges! Follow our social media channels to stay informed about the latest news at Aerobertics / Start2RC!


  • Height: 135mm
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 113mm


More Information
Manufacturer FTX
Article reference FTX5524GY
Type car Crawler
Scale 1/18
Motor type Brushed