GR-32 HOTT receiver

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Temperature range : -15 ... 70 °C
Aerial length: 4 x Draht 145 (Antenne 30) mm
All-up weight, approx.: 24 g
Frequency : 2400 ... 2483,5 MHz
Range approx. : 5000 m
Dimensions (LxWxH): 63 x 30 x 14 mm
Modulation: 2.4 GHz FHSS
Charging rate : 140 mA
New receiver software for GR-32 3.80:
The servo current drain with the GR-32 is often underestimated.
It is essential to check that your power supply is up to the task by carrying out a comprehensive function and range check with the control surfaces placing a load on the servos.
The power supply must be designed to cope with the following peak load:
Peak current = stall current of all servos added together, multiplied by 2.
The peak currents are considerably lower in ONCE mode than in SAME mode.
The peak currents are slightly reduced with the new software.
The modes have been optimised in order to reduce the peak current.
Optimising ONCE mode:
Simultaneous output at 20 ms frame rate of:
Ch 1 + 4
Ch 2 + 5 + 13
Ch 3 + 8 + 14
Ch 6 + 7
Ch 9 + 10 + 15
Ch 11 + 12 + 16
The frame rate is now 20 ms, which means that all known servos and speed controllers will function with this setting.
Optimisation of SAME mode (frame rate 10 ms or 20 ms):
Previously the output of channels 1 - 7, 8 - 14 and 15 + 16 was simultaneous.
The output of the following channels is now simultaneous, in order to reduce peak currents:
Channels 1 - 5
Channels 6 - 10
Channels 11 - 16
The use of up to 75 channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference.
The broad reception voltage range of 3.6 V - 8.4 V (functional to 2.5 V) ensures full functionality even when voltage fluctuates.
Two LEDs signal operating status.
The sizes and weights have been reduced.
Receiver input sensitivity and thus the range have been increased further.
Servo connections in the front panel.
Failsafe, hold, OFF, and standard (channel 1 failsafe; all others hold) programmable.
Functions with SMART-BOX:
5 mixers programmable
Linear,degressive, and exponential programming of servo curves
SUM signal programmable for input or output on connector S
Limitation and reversal of servo travels also possible in receiver
Failsafe, hold, and OFF programmable individually for the servo channels
Warning thresholds programmable for undervoltage, excess temperature, and low temperature
Servo test function



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