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Like all Graupner HoTT receiver is the GR-12 SH + very reliable, insensitive to interference and very resistant to voltage dips. The GR-12 SH + is equipped with an SH-plug. 

With its weight of only 1.5 grams and its small size, the GR-12 SH + can be virtually installed anywhere. 

The 6-channel receiver is a digital HoTT sum signal (SUMH ) expandable to 8 channels. Current peaks of the servos can be minimized, the precision of the control is held as high as possible. The period time of the servos is freely programmable.


  • Extremely small and lightweight
  • # 33565: SH-plug, # 33566: ZH-plug
  • 6 channels or up to 8 channels of digital HoTT sum signal SUMH
  • The first 3 channels are output at a distance of 0.1 ms, the channels 4 - 6 after half period time at a distance of 0.1 ms, so that the controller is also back as precisely as possible and the current peaks of the servos still not exactly occur simultaneously.
  • Period time 10 or 20 ms programmable
  • 5 free mixers
  • Internal voltage measurement or external voltage measurement up to 25.2 V with simple voltage divider on the canal. 5
  • Motor connection for channel 1 for brush motors with max. Continuous current consumption of 2 A.


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Manufacturer Graupner
Article reference GRAU33565
Brand Graupner