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For the Graupner HoTT 2.4-GHz transmission system, the SMART-BOX is display and programming device in one. Whether real-time telemetry data displayed or settings that should be made ​​in your HoTT system, the generous display with 8 x 21 characters facilitates easy handling. Four buttons are available for operation are available. An integrated buzzer to sound acoustic signals and warning tones, the comfortable use of the BOX. Using the attached installation set, the device can be attached to the handle of the remote control and is therefore ideally positioned to read the real-time telemetry data also while controlling your model. The update capability of the SMART-BOX USB connection, always ensures the latest software and can utilize future functions. Manufacturer recommended age: From 14 years

Telemetry data display
  • signal quality
  • Range test
  • Receiver voltage with adjustable warning threshold
  • Transmitter voltage display with adjustable warning threshold
  • Receiver temperature with adjustable warning threshold

Important note when using the modules 33600, 33601, 33610, 33611 and 33620:
  • Take during the flight any programming work on the sensors, so that your model can not fall through carelessness out of control!
  • When using two or more receivers in the model you can not make in no case programming during the flight, as this may lead to incorrect settings in the receivers without connected telemetry and thus in the worst case the model crashing! Program
  • Therefore, always on the ground and make sure that only the receiver to be programmed
  • is switched with the connected sensor.

Programming data display
  • locale
  • Servo direction reversal
  • Servo neutral position
  • servo travel
  • Servo cycle time
  • Free channel allocation (channel mapping)
  • failsafe
  • Mixer settings
  • Servotest



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Manufacturer Graupner
Article reference GRAU33700
Brand Graupner