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GYA351 Gyro (aircraft)

GYA351 Gyro (aircraft)


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Futaba GYA351 Gyro

GYA351 is a high performance Single-axis gyro for airplanes, that designed for trim control of ailerons, elevators and rudders of airplanes.

Function and Feature

  • The 351 AVCS gyros are high performance, compact, lightweight and developed for model airplanes. Mounted on ailerons, elevators and rudders, it strongly maintains flight attitude. The gyro corrects almost all bad tendencies peculiar to each aircraft which tend to appear during upright, inverted, upward, downward or knife-edge flight. These newest gyros not only enable stable takeoff and landing but also minimize the need for manual control during stunt or acrobatic flights.
  • The GYA351 gyros are not level stabilizers but are devices that help the airplane maintain its attitude.
  • When an airplane is in a stall condition (where the airplane no longer responds to the control signals from the transmitter), there are some cases where the flight attitude may not be restored when in the AVCS mode due to the characteristics of the gyro. This tends to happen during landing, spinning, snap-rolling or torque-rolling.

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