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H4 plus smart charger

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The Hitec H4 Plus Charger is a compact multi chemistry battery charger with battery management and integral Lithium battery balancing features.

It features four totally independent and identical 150 watt charging circuits for a total power of 600 watts.

As a result, it can simultaneously charge or discharge up to 4 separate battery packs.

The Hitec H4+ charger can be attached to a 12 volt car battery with the included connector. Alternatively you cna connect it to a 11 ~ 18V DC power supply with an amperage rating of 40 ~ 50 amps (600 ~ 620W).



Input Voltage :

11~18V (Requires a 600~620 watt (40~50 Amp) Power Supply for Operation.)

Usable Battery Types :

- Li-Po / Li-Fe / Li-Ion / Li-HV : 1 ~ 6 cell

- NiCd / NiMh : 1 ~ 15 cell (1.2V ~ 18V)

- Pb: 1 ~ 12 cell (2V ~24V)

Charge Current Amps (Max) :

- 0.1 ~ 8A (Max 150W) Per Channel or 16A (Max 300W) Using Hitec Bridge Connect

- 0.1 ~ 2.0A ( Max 20W) Per Channel or 4.0A (Max 40W) Using Hitec Bridge Connect

Charge Detecton (Default) :

- NiCd, NiMH : Delta Peak Detect

- Delta Peak Voltage : 5mV ~ 20mV/Cell, Li-Po (4.2V/Cell), LiFe (3.7V/Cell), Li-Ion (4.10V/Cell), Pb (2.45V/Cell)

Discharge Detction (Default) :

- NiCd, NiMh : 0.9V/Cell

- Li-Po (3.0V/Cell), LiFe (3.0V/Cell), Li-Ion (3.0V/Cell), Pb (1.8V/Cell), Li-HV (3.0V/Cell)

Lithium Type Batteries : Balance Connector can be used with each charge port (Li-Po / Li-Ion / Li-Fe)

LCD Display : 128 x 64 Pixel Backlight LCD

Dimensions : 205 x 163 x 52mm

Weight : 1200g


Safety Functions :

- Power Supply Revers Polarity Protection

- Output Power Shor Circuit Detction

- Power Supply Voltage too High or Low Detction

- Auto Detect Number of Configured Cells

- End Charge / Discharge Notification


Operation Functions :

- Lithium chemistry (Li-Po / Li-Ion / Li-Fe) Type Batteries : Charge / Discharge with Balancing Function, Charge / Discharge without Balancing Function


Included in the box :

- Alligator Clip

- Channel Bridge Cable 

- Battery Balance Board (Multiplex, FP/TP Type)

- Battery Balance Board (XH Type)

- Battery Balance Board (EH Type)

- H4 (Plus) Support Bar

- H4 (Plus) Charger

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