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HDS-86-AXI Tenshock 890kv 12S



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Schuebeler DS-86-AXI HDS 120mm EDF

Specs with Tenshock X-501/5,5Y (890kv)

Max. Thrust on 12s lipo: 95N

Max. Amp: 145A



DS-AXI-86 HDS® V2016

Efficiency. Precision. Durability.

The 86HDS® also relies on the classical HDS® features but even adds that extra bit:

>Lighter and remarkably shorter rotor assembly

>Blades made from a high-temperature resistant fibre-reinforced >polymere

>Carbon Fibre shroud

>High-precision collet chuck

>Possibility for Fine-Balancing

>Material Mix of CFRP, aluminum and injection moulding


Perfect for Sebart Avanti XS on 12S lipo



Technical Data DS-86-AXI HDS®:

Max. RPM: 35500

Max. Power: 7500W

Max. Thrust: 105N

Max. Exhaust Speed: 99m/s

weight: 290g

Max. Motor Diameter 56mm

Shaft Diameter: 8mm g6



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