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HS-A5076HB Digital slim servo

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This servo features Hitec's digital, programmable circuit for incredible resolution, centering and holding torque; also featuring ultra strong karbonite gears, a top-ball bearing, and over 40 oz./in. of torque with a quick transit time of 0.11 sec at 6 volts. This will no doubt be the choice for high performance micro helicopters and light duty robotic projects.

Dimensions See schematics
Product Weight 0.50oz (14.3g)
Output Shaft Style 25 tooth (B1) spline
Voltage Range 4.8V - 6.0V
No-Load Speed (4.8V) 0.14 sec/60°
No-Load Speed (6.0V) 0.11 sec/60°
Stall Torque (4.8V) 34.7oz/in. (
Stall Torque (6.0V) 42oz/in. (
Max PWM Signal Range (Standard) 750-2250μsec
Travel per µs (out of box) .084°/μsec
Travel per µs (reprogrammed normal res) .118°/μsec
Max Travel (out of box) 126°
Max Travel (reprogrammed normal res) 177°
Pulse Amplitude 3-5V
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Current Drain - idle (4.8V) 3mA
Current Drain - idle (6.0V) 3mA
Current Drain - no-load (4.8V) 200mA
Current Drain - no-load (6V) 240mA/idle
Current Drain - stall (4.8V) 2A
Current Drain - stall (6V) 3A
Continuous Rotation Modifiable No
Direction w/ Increasing PWM Signal Clockwise
Deadband Width 2µs
Motor Type Carbon Brush
Potentiometer Drive 6 Slider Indirect Drive
Feedback Style 5KΩ Potentiometer
Output Shaft Support Dual Ball Bearing MR106
Gear Type Straight Cut Spur
Gear Material Karbonite
Wire Length 7" (178mm)

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