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Hybrid 3.0 wing

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After the large success of the Hybrid 1.8 and according to the customers' feedbacks prompted us to do a bigger wing that keeps the Hybrid 1.8 spirit.  So we played the game and tried to push the development limits as far as possible. So  we started a project in this way and after a long development the Hybrid 3.0 was born. According to our customers the advantages of the Hybrid 1.8 were very good but we thought that they were still increasable. So we focus the development on higher speedrange without losing the spirit of a user-friendly wing with flexible handling 2 very typical features of the Hybrid 1.8 wing.

The result after few prototypes shows us something beyond our own expectactions. The new Hybrid 3.0, the ideal multi-purpose wing for outdoor flights, as good for paragliding activities as for paramotor ones, 100% suitable for beginners, intermediate and expert pilots. For anyone who wants a 3m2 wing with 4m flat wingspan  the Hybrid 3.0 is a fantastic piece of art and technologies.
We do not use a profil from a double layer wing and just cut some cells from the lower layer and call it a Hybrid Wing.

The Hybrid 3.0 is a total new special Opale Design developed with the combination of singleskin and doubleskin technology, Hybrid 3.0 provides the advantages of each of those: wing inflating now becomes easier, it's speed is increased even in strong wind conditions and its profile leads to better performances. The stability is not either outdone, improved by DS-Technology, its Sharknose profile, used for closed cells. Piloting accuracy is also significantly increased, meaning really fun flight sensations that will make you enjoy your long flight hours!

When a pilot does a control error and collapses, the wing inflats itself and recovers quickly.
Our team pilots and also the first introducing at Opale Fest 2.0 confirmed our impressions of the Hybrid 3.0.
The smoothness, the flexible handling and the design were commented repeatedly by our customers during the Opale Fest 2.0. We are proud to say the Opale Hybrid 3.0 brings the best performances for this size of wings.

We have not only worked on this wing. The premium packaging is made in the highest quality. It provides more space to carry the wing and hold it without beeing pressed. It also provides seperate pocket for spare parts. 
It's made with breathable fabrics that will allow you to dry your wet wing. All of this will definitely increase your wing lifespan.

Last but not least.
Our goal was to make the next best quality and handling RC-paraglider wing at a customer-friendly price and we truly believe that we reach it with the Hybrid 3.0.


Its particular design signature

4m wingspan

High aspect ratio

Its steady behavior during collapses

Very smooth flying

Highly manoeuvrable

New breathable transport bag


Backpack L

Trike L

Pilote Lucas


Flat area:


Flat wingspan:







Aramid 25 / 50 daN spliced - DFL 70


Nylon Ultralight fabric 20D 32gr/m2


Hybrid 3.0 wing

Bridle repair Kit

Fabric repair Kit


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Additional Information

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