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Invitation 170 F3A Standard color

Invitation 170 F3A Standard color


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Product Description


Width: 1850MM

Lenght: 1990MM

Flying weight: 4500G

Spinner diameter: 82MM

Wing area: 57QDM

Stabilizer area: 16.2sdm

CG: 200mm behind leading edge


ideal for electric  (10s - 2000W) or 4stroke engine (YS160)


aileron servo: 6kg - 2 servo

elevator servo: 3kg - 2 servo

rudder servo: 8kg - 1 servo


 The differences between the Invitation and the Essence are primarily as follows:

1. The Essence is Electric only. It does not include any parts for mounting a YS motor. It does have a chin cowl.
2. The Invitation can be EP or GP. The Invitation uses a fuel proof clear coat on the fuselage paint. You can also special order clear coated wings, tail and rudder.
3. The Essence standard version uses the BJ Craft DTFS wings and DTFS shaped flying tail.
4. The Invitation standard version uses traditional tapered wings and traditional horizontal tail with two elevator servos, one in each half. 
5. Special order options for the Invitation can be made for a flying tail, but the flying tail is EP only. Likewise, special order for the Essence can be made for standard tail.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Rating filter No
Brand BJ Craft
Cellnumber No
cilinder No
crate No
helisize No
multirotortype No
planetype F3A
spanwidth 1500-2000mm span
color No
deliverytime Demand