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JetCat P180-NX, Set

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JetCat NX turbines:
The next Generation: The completely newly developed JetCat P180-NX, P220-RXi, not only features a brushless, fully enclosed, fuel pump integrated into the turbine, but also a brushless starter / generator system! The rotor of the fuel pump runs in the fuel, this can be dispensed with the otherwise necessary shaft seals. The starter / generator works completely non-contact to the turbine shaft. Thus, the "coupling" of starter to turbine shaft is resistant to all conceivable contamination (no slippage of the starter clutch by, for example, contamination or O-ring wear possible).

The specially developed non-contact coupling system also ensures that the brushless generator, unlike the turbine shaft, only runs at very low speeds (well below 10,000 rpm). This ensures a very high reliability as well as longevity of the entire starter / generator system.

Furthermore, the JetCat P220-RXi has been optimized to a minimum system weight. The laser-welded housing is made of thin-walled stainless steel. The entire turbine including integrated brushless pump, valves, fuel filter and generator and charging system weighs just 1850g. As a result, this drive is also ideal for large models (compliance with the maximum take-off mass). In conjunction with the JetCat BMS system, significantly smaller and therefore lighter receiver batteries can be used, as the receiver batteries in the BMS system constantly recharge become.

The front of the P180-NX / P220-RXi turbine also features the integrated all-metal fuel distribution system with fuel filter and electromagnetic shut-off valves. This Krafstoffverteilsystem is milled from the solid and comes without any possibly faulty hose connections / fittings, etc. from.

After starting the turbine, the connected turbine battery is recharged via the generator with high power. The integrated electronics on the turbine controls the charging current as well as voltage fully automatically. The turbine battery is also charged while idling the turbine. Suitable receiver batteries can also be charged via the optional BMS system.

  • JetCat autostart
  • Brushless starter / generator system The connected turbine battery is recharged via the generator
  • Integrated, brushless, fully enclosed, fuel pump
  • Integrated all-metal fuel distribution system with fuel filter and electromagnetic shut-off valves
  • Suitable receiver batteries can also be charged via the optional BMS system
  • Internal kerosene start and temperature sensor
  • Miniature JetCat ECU V10. New fully digitized bus system for minimal cabling.
  • Connection of turbine to the ECU with only one plug connection!
  • ECU with auto power down function. ECU switches off automatically after cooling down (RC system can be switched off, ECU remains ON until cooling process is finished)
  • ID chip on the turbine side, for convenient JetCat compatibility.
  • Operation via 3s LiFePo4 battery.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Fast acceleration
  • CFD-optimized, 5-axis milled micro-compressor.
  • Proven, very fast JetCat kerosene start.
  • Internal bearing lubrication with 5% oil content.
  • Supplied with all accessories for installation and operation.
  • Made in Germany
  • 36 months warranty

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