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Jeti DS-24 Carbonline Orange



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Product Description


Jeti Duplex DS-24 transmitter set. The top range of all Duplex radio systems.

Jeti  transmitters are one of the best radio systems in the world. The high quality finish the best you can get. The double HF module + 900Mhz back-up  guarantees reliability and trouble free reception for safe flights.


available: ~August 2017


The set includes: 
DS-24 Carbon Line Multimode (transmitter with adjustable steering mode)

Transmitter battery LiIon 5200mAh (inside TX)
Battery charger for transmitter 
solid carrying case 
RSAT-900Mhz for special backup system




- Slider/Switches at the Backcover

- 24 channels

- 3 RF moduls 2,4Ghz + 900Mhz Backup System

- Vibratio Alarm at the stick

- colour display

- 4 model types (Wing/Heli/Multicopter/Boat-Truck)

- radio function

- MP3 player

Transmitter hardware : 

- Identify the stick positions by Hall sensors ( without potentiometer) 
- stick resolution 4096 steps 
- 3colour display with backlight 
- Rotating stick mechanic

  - Aluminum stick , length- adjustable , with ball bearings 
- Internal memory 
- Built-in antennas 
- Integrated Li - Ion battery for long operation time (5200mAh)
- charger 
- Aluminum Carrying Case 
- Speech Output 
- Headphone jack 
- Digital trims 

TX Software : 
- 2.4 GHz EX DUPLEX + 900Mhz Backup System
- 24 channels 
- Customizable menu system 
- Almost unlimited adjustment possibilities 
- Almost unlimited memory model number 
- Firmware upgrade via USB 
- Ultra- fast control responses 
- Power management system for extended operating time 
- PC interface 
- 4 selectable types of models ( Wing/Heli/Multicopter/Truck-Boat ) 
- 4 languages  ( EN / DE / CZ  / FR ) 

Dimensions [mm] 180x270x40

Weight [g] ~1500

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