Leprechuan Pro glider, 2600mm span kit

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Leprechuan Pro glider, 2600mm span kit

A Beautiful Vintage flying RC glider with light construction for excellent flight performance. Overall this is a fantastic kit and due to its ease of construction, it is perfect for the seasoned builder or those with limited building experience and great for old flyers and beginners alike.

History :

The Leprechaun was designed by R A Twoomey in 1950 as a low aspect ratio free flight glider, and was a record breaker in it's day. Although the span is only 103", the wing and tail area are huge!

Our kitset is engineered true to the original design, with the under cambered aerofoil, pylon mounted wing and tailplane, and stick construction of the fuselage. We have re-engineered the tailplane mounting for a simple and sturdy mount, and drawn a new plan showing the RC conversion of the rudder and tailplane, and the new tailplane mount.


  • Wingspan : 2600mm
  • Length : 2015mm
  • Weight : 1650gr

Recommend equipment :

  • Servos : 17g
  • Motor : 2814/1000KV


More Information
Manufacturer Value Planes
Article reference VPLP102A
Wingspan (mm) 2,600.00
Kit version Kit
Plane Type Gliders

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