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LOGO 400

LOGO 400
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Product Description


ref 02262, LOGO 400 VBar kit with VBar head



Specifications Helicopter

Rotor diameter 1040 mm
Rotor blades 425-450 mm
RTF weight ca. 1800 g
recommended batterie 4S up to 6S LiPo
Main gear ratio 1,7:7 -1:15,3
Main Gear size 200 teeth (mod. 0,5)
batterie slot 49,0 x 48,0 x 200,0 mm (HxWxL)

Kit Content

Kit Kit with VBar Rotor Head
Accessories ---
Manual detailed printed manual
Motors ---
Motor pinion ---
ESC ---
Servos ---
VBar electronic ---
Blades Rotor blades Carbon 425mm
Tail Blades 85 mm plastic
Canopy Airbrushed Canopy

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Mikado
helisize 250 size and more
deliverytime Week