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MN2214 - 920KV (antigravity) 4pcs/set

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Tiger Motors T-Motor MN2214 920KV gives you a more powerful, more efficient replacement for the brushless motors in your DJI Phantom or other small quad copter. With these motors you should experience an 8 to 10 percent increase in both power and efficiency (see detailed comparison table in photos above). Great for more demanding uses of your Phantom, such as carrying more weight like a brushless gimbal with GoPro, or for more intense acrobatics. Two of the four motors in this set have prop adaptors with counter-clockwise (CCW) rotating nuts, and the other two have standard CW nuts. Use motors with CCW nuts on CW rotating props, and vice versa, to prevent props from loosening in flight. This increases reliability and reduces the risk of a prop loss causing a crash. Featuring Japanese-made bearings and precision workmanship, T-motors are smooth running and well balanced right out of the box. This cuts down on vibrations that can negatively affect aerial video and autopilot inertial sensors. These MN2214 920KV motors are recommended for use with 3-4S LiPo and they fit the DJI 8045 prop.

These are direct replacement motors for the DJI Phantom, and are a great upgrade in power, performance and efficiency.. They have thecorrect prop notch in the hub to allow use of DJI props.


  • Perfectly upgrade
  • High load&efficiency
  • Best choice for 400-450 multi-rotor copters
MN2214 KV920        
Prop Amps
11.1 DJI 8045 1 102 11.1 9.19  
2 191 22.2 8.60  
3 263 33.3 7.90  
4 327 44.4 7.36  
5 389 55.5 7.01  
6 447 66.6 6.71  
7 500 77.7 6.44  
8 554 88.8 6.24  
kv 920  
Configuration 12N14P  
Motor dimension 28mm*28mm  
weight 57g with the wire  
max li-po cell 3s  
cable length 80mm  
packing way 4pcs/box  
colour white  
recommended ESC T10A  
recommended PROP DJI 8045 prop  
shaft diameter    
No load current 0.75A/10V  
max current 17A/180S  
Max watts/time 251W/180S (14.8V)  
max efficiency current (2.5-8A)>80%  
internal resistance 98mΩ  
Recommended ESC Specs 20A  
Recommended Battery Configuration 2-4S  
Case Height/length Φ27.5×28mm

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