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MPS GAS-Cap powerswitch Futaba

MPS GAS-Cap powerswitch Futaba


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Product Description


  • Nicely shaped electronically power switch in Gas-Cap design for receiver sets, ignitions etc.
  • The show stopper: turning On/Off is done with external magnet
  • An inserted magnet means consumer is off, removing it turns it on ("remove before flight")
  • The magnetically actuator is automatically tightened in its " Gas-Cap" by means of magnetically force
  • The operating system is indicated by a bright shining blue ring
  • Absolutely fail safe system concept due to a combination of Reed-Contact and Hall-Sensor
  • The perfect switch - no ugly holes in the fuselage!
  • Input voltage 6.0V ... 12.6V (up to 3S LiPo!)
  • Continuous current 5A, peak current 20A
  • Version including Robbe/Futaba connector (input and output)
  • Highly flexible silicone strand with 0.5 mm2 cross section, about 30cm long
  • High grade gold plated contacts (FCI)
  • Mounting diameter: 15.5 mm, installation depth about 35mm

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