MVVS 58 IRS ICU-L (3001L)

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MVVS 58 IRS 58cc Monocylinder Engine


This engine is first representative of the new top conception developed by MVVS after 2001 and it is the most powerful engine in 60´s engine you may get on the market. Intake is controlled by reed valve placed in rear cover. Exhaust system is orientated on the right side.

Crankshaft fitted on 2 ball bearing and connecting rod has both holes equipped with needle bearings INA. Piston is made from aluminum composition with high content of silicium. Piston is coated by special sliding coat, which forces running-in the engine and extend engine service life.

Cylinder from aluminum composition has working area coated by NIKASIL. Engine is suitable for all kind of models and also has good designation for racing acrobatic flight.



MVVS 58 ISS is an alternative of standard MVVS 58 IRS. The MVVS 58 ISS has the carburetor placed on left or right side of the engine. Perfect when it is not possible to provide sufficient access to carburetor placed on back plate (as it is on standard MVVS 58 IRS).

3002R - Engine 58 ISS rigth side

3002L - Engine 58 ISS left side


  • Item number: 3001L - including carburetor, ignition, spark plug+key and oil 250ml
  • Displacement: 58 cm3
  • Bore / Stroke: 42 / 42 mm
  • Power Output: 6,8 HP / 6700 RPM
  • Weight Without Ignition: 1800 g
  • Ignition: ICU-L electronic, microprocessor
  • Ignition Weight: 190 g
  • Carburetor: Walbro
  • Power Output With Prop :          
  • Prop.     RPM      Exhaust

26"x10" Mejzlík / 6100-6250 / 3204-3411

24"x10" Mejzlík / 6400   / 3207

24"x10" Mejzlík / 7700   / 3410


More Information
Manufacturer MVVS
Article reference MVVS004

In the box

  • Engine
  • Carburetor
  • Ignition
  • Spark plug(s)+key
  • Mount
  • Oil 250ml

Spare Parts

  1. NGK CM-6 plug
    NGK CM-6 plug
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