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Oxy 1.5 kit (Backpack M2, servos, motor kit)

Oxy 1.5 kit (Backpack M2, servos, motor kit)
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An easy setup dedicated to pilots willing to begin RC paramotor with a wingspan close to 3 meters. Oxy 1.5, with its  singleskin  technology, asserts itself as an accessible wing as well for beginners as confirmed pilots.

A versatile and easy to get kit that can be ready to fly in only 20 minutes.


Planned for:

- beginners willing to begin Rc paramotor in all simplicity.

- aerobatics thanks to the hyper resisting Backpack M2, equipped with its anti-torque prop-ring that cancel torque effect, and Oxy 1.5 ease of piloting.

- aerial photo-shooting and video-shooting : Backpack M2 provides huge volumes to fix your camera.

- large battery capacity and powerful Oxy 1.5 = long flight times, from 30 to 40 minutes ! (with a 3S 5000 mAh battery)


Included in this kit :

- Oxy 1.5

- Backpack M2

- Servo Holder

- 2x servomotors

- 2x fiberglass pilot arms

- 350W Brushless Motor kit

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Additional Information

SKU OP11706
Brand Opale
spanwidth 1500-2000mm span
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