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Parkmaster PRO kit

Parkmaster PRO kit
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Product Description


The MULTIPLEX ParkMaster PRO is the true champion, capable of the most extreme aerobatics.

The use of square-section carbon fibre spars produces an unbeatably rigid fuselage, wing and tailplane. The undercarriage is also reinforced with carbon fibre.

The re-designed motor mount is suitable for even more powerful motors, and is a real eye-catcher with the optional carbon motor bulkhead (# 33 2609).

You can really wring out the ParkMaster PRO in very confined spaces. Even in moderate wind the model is easily capable of tumbles, torque-rolls and square loops.

The ParkMaster PRO is available as a kit, and in the Kit plus version.


- Carbon spars for maximum airframe rigidity through extreme aerobatic manoeuvres

- New reinforced motor mount support

- Extremely rugged carbon fibre undercarriage

- Docile, but fully 3-D capable

- Low minimum airspeed

- Pre-fabricated components moulded in ELAPOR®



Specification :


Wingspan:       975 mm

Overall length: 1030 mm

All-up weight:   min. 520 g

Total surface area:     29 dm²

Total surface area loading:     min. 18 g/dm²

Control channels:        4

RC functions:  Elevator, rudder, aileron, throttle

Flight time:      5 min.



Set contents, Kit:


ELAPOR® model kit with all moulded foam components, linkage hardware, motor bulkhead with reinforced motor bulkhead support, CFRP undercarriage legs with wheels, CFRP spars, plotted decal sheet and comprehensive instructions

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Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU MPX214275
Brand Multiplex
planetype 3D Aerobatics
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