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Power Expander SRS MPX

Power Expander SRS MPX
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Product Description




Access to a maximum of eighteen channels

Simple wiring: the receivers are connected using a serial link

Integral SRS, allowing the use of two receivers

Compatible with: Futaba, Spektrum, Graupner, Jeti, Multiplex and JR

High-current power socket MPX or Deans

S-BUS output for use in a BUS system

User-variable frame rate

Can be updated using the PowerBox USB Interface


Product description


The PowerExpander SRS makes it possible to exploit all the channels provided by your radio control system when using small but highly-specified receivers. Safety is also significantly enhanced, because two receivers can be connected to the PowerExpander SRS. The integral Serial Receiver System selects any receiver, and - if an error should occur - switches over automatically to the receiver which is still operating.


This represents a simple method of doubling the number of receiver aerials. The unit is fitted with a high-current socket to ensure that the power supply can cope with the large number of channels which it makes available. It also features an output carrying the S-BUS signal, which makes it possible to use any radio control system in conjunction with an S-BUS wiring arrangement.

As powersupply we recommend the PowerBox BaseLog or the PowerBox Gemini II.


Technical Data


Operating voltage           4.0V - 9.0V

Power supply    2S LiPo, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH

Current drain Power-on state   25mA

Maximum load current Peak 30A

Signal input        serial

Supported RC systems Futaba, Spektrum, Jeti, Graupner, JR, Multiplex

Receiver redundancy    SRS

Channels             18

Servo sockets   18

Servo signal resolution 0.5µs

Signal frame rate             12ms, 15ms, 18ms

Dimensions        55 x 40 x 14 mm

Weight 25g

Temperature range       -30°C to +75°C

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