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PRO HV brake valve

PRO HV brake valve
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The PRO-HV proportional brake valves bases on first-class miniature valves with Viton seals. These valves are equipped with new digital microcontrollers, making their handling even more convenient:
Ease programmable brake thresholds for compatibility with all R/C receivers
Very sensitive braking in a large speed range
The valve is simply connected to a receiver- or controller-output just like you would connect a servo. This allows precise and easy programming of the switching points with the help of a small push-button on the valve. Two LED's informs you about the current switching state.
This dual version is suitable for dual action cylinders.
M5 thread for different fittings
Proportionale pressure control for the wheel brakes
Low pressure loss due to double-valve-technique
Air pressure up to 10 bar / 145 psi
Power: 4.8V - 8.5V / 150 mA - 4xNiMh up to 2s LiPo
Weight: 50 g
W x H x D: 34 x 25 x 31 mm

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