Stream-Fan 110/700 (10-14S)

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Stream-Fan 110/700

Our new impeller Series combines two quality products to a high-efficiency propulsion.

The EJets Jetfan impeller in conjunction with our new specially adapted to impeller

engines will bring your model to unimagined power ranges.

The impellers are assembled and finely balanced.

Techical Data:

Motor: E50XL 3D

EDF: 11-blades

LiPo : recommended for 10-14S LiPo

Weight: ----g (Fan +Motor)

Measured values:

Voltage under load: 37V

Current: 75A

Thrust in grams: 5300

Voltage under load: 44.4V

Current: 105A

Thrust in grams: 7400

Voltage under load: 51.8V

Current: 135A

Thrust in grams: 9200



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Manufacturer Hacker
Article reference HACK10107520
Brand Hacker

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